About Us


In 2010, Leon, Mas, Paul and Henry better known as JC, The Yak, Don Kwelu and Maverick (…don’t ask) launched ‘Brothers With No Game’; a blog where four friends deconstructed, discussed and deliberated thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London Living Room. It soon became an international hit with 7 Black Weblog Award nominations, 3 million unique visits and continuous endorsement as one of the top relationship and dating blogs in the world.

In 2012, taking stories from the blog and crafting scenarios of their own to create visuals, the brothers took on the role as creators and producers of the award-winning web series of the same name. The comedy-drama about four men in a “quarter-life crisis” has become one of the most highly-respected and championed web series on youtube with an extremely supportive global fanbase.

In 2014, Brothers With No Game went one step further with the development of the TV show and had it’s national debut on London Live. With the awareness still growing, both national and international avenues are a plenty for the series and the new content on the latest launch BWNGTV.

What started off as a hobby and something fun to do between friends, has quickly become a recognisable brand and the guys don’t plan on stopping any time soon.