Brothers With No Game

SEASON 3 – December ’17

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Exclusively with TracePlay

We have partnered with Trace, a leading brand and media group dedicated to urban and afro-culture worldwide to produce this season of Brothers With No Game.

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Our flagship, multi award winning show is back…

Season 3 picks up where Season 2 left off, with Junior, Dorian and Theo having to answer tough questions about their current life situations…and fast.

Joined by good old friend Darren, the season explores the challenges of being “actual adults” – since the past decade, has been filled with mediocrity and lack of commitment.

Now the guys are faced  with the real life challenges such as sorting out living arrangements, settling down, meeting her parents, and realising self worth in career and business.

The season promises to be a melting pot of laughs, tension and dramatic comedy for people of all ages to enjoy.

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For Season 3 of Brothers With No Game we partnered up with TRACE Studios, to bring you 10 full episodes, exclusively on TRACE Play.

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What can viewers expect from season 3?

“Still fun, outrageous and heartwarming, season 3 takes a more mature look at the Brothers as the ‘game’ has expanded from chasing women to trying get their lives in check.” – Leon Mayne (Script Writer)

Why did you decide to distribute BWNG exclusively on TracePlay?

A major priority for us was getting season 3 to our global fan base. We decided to distribute with TracePlay as it’s an exciting network which covers all our key territories, for a global expansion of the series. – Masibu Manima (Producer)

Why does this deal mean for your existing audience and the future programming content?

We think it’s important to view our audience as global. While we still aim to produce content for linear TV as it allows us to reach mass audiences, it can sometimes restrict geographically. With recent trends suggesting that more people are turning to streaming platforms, there is both value and opportunity in also delivering programmes to audiences where they already enjoying high quality and diverse content  – and that is online. – Paul Samuel (Director)

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