Our Journey

“..The purpose of life is to find your gift, the work of life is to develop your gift and the meaning of life is to give it away…” – David Viscott

The Blog...

In 2010, we launched the Brothers With No Game blog where we deconstructed, discussed and deliberated thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London Living Room. We mended bruised egos with a touch of comedy on relatable themes that resonated with a worldwide audience

Within a year we had reached over a million hits with 120,000 unique readers and were nominated for multiple Black Weblog Awards. It was at this point that we realised the potential of what we had built; our gift was storytelling; the blog served the purpose of enabling us to find this gift. The next step on our journey was to develop this gift, by expanding into visual content.


We decided to bring to life the concepts and dilemmas of 20-something London men, in the form of a web comedy-drama series following the social and romantic lives of four childhood friends. ‘Brothers With No Game – The Web Series’ ran for two seasons on Youtube receiving over 1.1 million views, 19,000 subscribers and 12 award wins including nods from Screen Nation and LA Web Festival.

The series, partly crowdfunded by fans, gained instant media coverage from the likes of The Guardian, NBC Universal (The Grio), Complex Magazine and The Voice

In 2013 we became a media partner of ‘The Big Conversation’, an event headed by The Number 1 US Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson. We went on to host our own events ‘Who’s Got Game?’ bringing young UK professionals together in a fun and communal setting to converse and potentially find love.


In 2014, season 1 and 2 of Brothers With No Game were extended and broadcast on TV channel London Live.  The series continued to gain press coverage from major media outlets including Evening Standard, BBC1 Xtra, Financial Times, Ebony Magazine and Jet Magazine

Following the global success of the series, we launched BWNG TV, our youtube initiative dedicated to showcasing the diverse range of talent and narratives present in modern day Britain. Our mantra ‘Creativity, Community, Collaboration’ provided us with a variety of content from ourselves and independent filmmakers

Our shows drew attention to a host of international peers, whom we built personal and business relationships with. In 2016 we travelled to L.A to meet with our fellow content creators, network executives, digital media start-ups and Hollywood actors to continue the conversation and create work. Our production arm BWNG Ltd was then founded to facilitate business


We are now an indie production collective; creating and distributing fresh content to networks and platforms worldwide.